Lloyd MyllynenPresident Broder-Dill Snowmobilers' Association
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To Whom It May Concern:

This is to acknowledge the excellent work done by Michel Larcher of Sturgeon Falls Brushing and Construction. I supervised Michel for the five weeks constructing a new snowmobile trail for Broder-Dill Snowmobilers' Association, of which I am the President. During this time I also supervised to brushing of approximately 12 Kms of ski trails in a new private park in Sudbury.

During this time I found that Michel was always on time, ready to work, with no complaints from him. His work was of a high standard and he required little supervision during the day.

I would not hesitate to have him and his company do more work for me.
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Staff of Sturgeon Falls brush and contracting we would like you to know how pleased we are of the work being carried out by your company. Andre and Mike have communicated with the former owners of the 467 properties with good rapport, Andre came to our property a few weeks ago after he received a phone call from us. Andre walked to the north of our property with Claire the owner of Lot 26 concession 7. They chose a spot on our property to place all the logs to be placed in a manner manner that was best. They were remarkably friendly, patient and kind. Recently we called Mike to make sure that indeed the logs were going to be placed on our property and he assured us that would happen when the ground dried up, sure enough a week later we received a call from Mike that the logs were all on property placed there that morning. Our wildest dreams had come true I know very well that behind these fine men is a great team at the office making sure that all necessary paperwork etc is being done in many areas to complete this massive task of clearing the way for the 407 E. to 115.

Thanks to all the staff and Mike at Sturgeon Falls brush and contracting

PS I have read your mission statement online which actually describes the services rendered to us when the call was made to the office. A human answered the phone, no press this number or that number also calling Andre/Mike there was no message to be left they answered the phone! Awesome service!

Thanks to you Monique for your listening ear the other day I know why your company is clearing land for the 407 you guys are a number one company! the best!