Why Us?

About Sturgeon Falls Brush & Contracting

What is your advantage of doing business with us?

Our Commitment to Quality

What sets us apart from other general contractors is our commitment to quality. We do not compromise. We are detail-oriented and determined to provide the best quality service in industrial, commercial, federal as well as municipal projects and have the utmost respect for the needs of our clients.

Our Versatile, Qualified and Experienced Workforce

We employ competence. Our qualified and experienced personnel are capable of administering any project anywhere in Ontario and across Canada. Our operators are all licensed to operate a variety of Forestry and Construction Equipment. We provide ongoing training both in house and at outside facilities to ensure that our workforce is as up to date as any in the industry. This also helps us retain employees, ensuring a substantial amount of experience is available at all times. The versatility makes us more efficient while working on your project and this translates into cost savings that we can pass on to you, the client.

Our Equipment

We own and maintain most of the equipment we operate. This, in turn, permits us to prioritize repairs and maintenance to help reduce down time in order to meet our target deadlines.

Our Reasonable Prices

We offer competitive rates for any project across Canada.

Our Flexibility and Adaptability

We undertake most projects with our own workforce. This gives us complete control over target deadlines as well as flexibility and adaptability when scheduling necessary alterations to a project.

Our Quality of Communication

We maintain open communication with our clients at all times. We keep our client aware of every step of the project development. This keeps our client happy and keeps our cost of changes to a minimum.

Our Safety Standards

We strive to provide the safest possible work environment for our workers.

Our Equal Opportunity Employment Policy

We are an equal opportunity employer. We hire competence with the right attitude and we promote on merit to attract and maintain a highly qualified workforce.

Our Unparallel Sensitivity to Our Environment

We have the highest respect and regard toward our environmental protection. This is why we manage our impact on the environment responsibly, minimizing waste, and vigorously respecting the standards of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) as well as the Ministry of Natural Resources(MNR) and/or the First Nations Resource Technicians, as applicable. The decisions we make today, determine who we will be tomorrow.